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  • Maria
    Variconis brought me back ease of movement, is a great medicine, in a few months I got rid of varicose veins, now, and remember these veins afraid.
  • Diogo
    Although men are less often ill, varicose veins, apparently, I don't have a chance, because of the work in the office, I had an asterisk on the calves, the legs strongly sick. Fortunately, the gel is proven effective and has helped back to normal without discomfort and pain.
  • Mariana
    I have everything in the family Variconis have been processed, it seems to me that it is hereditary. But nothing, now, even a grand-mother not veins don't come out, quickly helped. But in the pharmacy in the case where the gel keep.
  • Beatriz
    I have always been ashamed to go in shorts because of varicose veins, but Variconis he has delivered me from varicose veins, and complex related to the appearance, keeping the feet smooth and beautiful!
  • Ana
    Very good product, after the birth of a child is required, almost, because all the moms of vienna on the feet out. Well, nothing, it's a way to quickly vessels restores.
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