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  • Swelling of the legs is one of the unpleasant consequences of varicose veins. It is difficult to wear your favorite shoes, the constant feeling of discomfort and the appearance of the legs suffers. You can get rid of it completely.
    23 May 2021
  • The extension of the surface of the veins is due to an alteration of the function of the valves and blood flow. Varicose veins characteristic of the lower limbs, as well as the vertical posture to the origin of the problem of the flow of blood.
    4 March 2020
  • Internal varicose veins on the legs it of the pathological changes of veins, which lead to differences in the blood circulation in the lower limbs and the pelvic region. To this day, the level of development of medicine allows you to treat spider veins of the legs quite effectively at different stages, but the complete healing does not happen.
    2 January 2020