How to treat varicose veins in women?

Varicose veins is an insidious disease that is of concern to a large part of the population of the planet. Each year, the physician captures the development of the disease at a younger age. If, previously, the varicose veins in women and men was manifested most often after the age of 40, today it is dilated veins occur among young people under 30 years of age.

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The reasons of the appearance of varicose veins in women

The most frequently diagnosed of varicose veins in women. Every male patient, who appeals to a doctor to problems in the venous system, accounted for four of the patient. This is due to different causes and factors. The main causes of these inequalities, the scientists call it the pregnancy, the menopause and the conditions of work. In addition, the experts say that women are more susceptible to varicose disease because of genetic factors. A number of studies allows the conclusion that the women are carriers and distributors of a pathological gene. That swinging of the pregnancy and varicose veins, just. Each month of the pregnancy increases the body weight and the product of the load on the veins and blood vessels. During this period increases the total volume of the circulation of the blood, with which the venous system is just not done. Another feature is the fact that the pregnancy occurs a sharp increase in female hormones, which have a negative effect on the vein wall. Secondary risk factors and the causes of the appearance of varicose veins in the female sex, considered as a sedentary lifestyle, a strong pressure on the legs, the hormonal drugs, excess weight, congenital abnormalities in the venous system, the weakness of the immunity.

The symptoms of the varicose disease

The symptoms and signs of the appearance of the varicose disease are expressed at the advent of the venous of designs on the body. It may be that the small blood vessels of the leg, the arms, the shoulders, so large, bulging and advanced to vienna on the tibia. The acute pain during the varicose veins should not be, the patients complain only of heaviness in the legs and numbness. Most often patients complain of pain and dilated veins diagnose problems with the spine. With the development of the varicose disease is characterized by: one night, a swelling of the legs, night cramps in the muscles, discomfort and a burning sensation when the veins, chills, heaviness in the legs. Most often begin to develop in vienna on the thigh or leg, then appear of varicose veins of the nodes in the interior of one of the ends. In the stages of severe swelling, the color of the skin and appear to be trophic to the wound.

That dangerous varicose veins?

The failure of the venous system in pregnant women is dangerous complications in a small basin and the varicose vein of the vagina. This complicates the pregnancy and the implementation of childbirth. In this same period, in most cases, occurs a hemorrhoids of the rectum and bleeding. The varicosities in the groin appears during pregnancy or just after childbirth. The treatment of varicose veins of the genital organs should be postponed to after the credits of the period. Very often, the development of varicose veins in intimate places stops after the birth itself or after a conservative treatment. Dangerous is considered as the complications that arise follow the progress of the varicose disease. It is the appearance of blood clots, ulcers, trophic skin, thrombosis in the deep veins. Complications such greatly reduce the level of life of the patients and are a threat to life.

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The treatment of varicose veins

How to treat varicose veins in women? Pretty popular, but at the same time, it is a difficult question, which occurs after the detection of varicose veins in his body. You must start with the fact that varicose veins can not be cured completely once and for all. You can suspend the development of slow the progress, to eliminate symptoms, prevent the appearance of new varicose veins. For women who have already discovered the extent of the veins and blood vessels , you should immediately consult a physician, phlebologist, and do an ULTRASOUND of the veins and blood vessels. Only a doctor with the results of the ULTRASOUND on the hand, can say exactly the cause of the appearance of dilated vessels and assign the proper treatment. Independent of home treatment can be not only effective, but also harm the health. The gold standard in the treatment of veins and vessels is the conservative and surgical treatment. The conservative methods are the following: the wearing of a compression jersey, taking medication, physio treatment, physiotherapy. To surgical methods for the treatment of the varicose disease are the radical removal affected by the veins and blood vessels. The operation is assigned in the case where the varicosities is progressing and there is a risk of complications. Today, many operations call for the procedures, because they do not require hospitalization of the patient and are performed in an outpatient setting.

Popular of the transaction:

  • Sclerotherapy — introduction in a vein by the puncture of a special substance, which destroys the vein walls and glue to the inside.
  • The treatment using laser radiation and high thermal temperature. After a laser exposure of vienna receives the irradiation and closes.
  • Phlebectomy – removal of the vein through a puncture on the skin.

The basic rules, for those who are predisposed to varicose disease or who appeared the first symptoms of the disease:

  1. The wearing of compression hosiery. For pregnant women the wearing of stockings or tights from the first days of the pregnancy. The compression rate determines the doctor after a diagnosis of vessels.
    Daily wear product segments to normalize circulation and reduce the stagnation in the venous system.
  2. Living an active lifestyle. You can not stay long in the same position. Need more to move, by alternating movement and rest.
    If the work is related to prolonged exposure into a sitting position, then you need to get up and walk into the office every 45 minutes.
    Sitting in a chair, do not cross your legs. Working at the computer, fold, and fold out the feet. Make circular movements with the feet.
  3. Back home after work, leaving the rest of your feet. The better at this time to put the feet on the coast, in order that the blood may not return.
  4. Necessarily take a walk in the evening before bed, to walk in the light of the shoe.
  5. A minimum of 10 minutes a day, follow the exercises, to normalize the blood circulation. Better to the gym twice a day, morning and evening.
  6. Watch the weight of the body. The excess weight of the charge of vienna, who, in a short period of time begin to develop.
  7. Sport. For the vessels and veins are very useful for biking and swimming in the pool. And here is one of the sports games, where you need to make any sudden movements, kicking under the embargo.
  8. Take showers before going to bed. Bathing the feet first in warm and then in tepid water.
  9. Exclude from the daily diet of salt and spicy foods.
  10. Avoid tobacco smoke. If you smoke, throw it away. The nicotine destroys the vascular wall and increases the spread of the disease to 5 times.
  11. Throwing away tight shoes and compression clothing. Under the ban of shoes with a heel of 2 see above
  12. It is important to monitor the level of hormones in the body.
  13. Twice a year, you need to eat exchange venotonic drugs and do an ULTRASOUND of the veins and blood vessels.

These are the basic rules, which can make any woman, save you from the progression of the disease. It is important to understand that the varicosities it is better to prevent than to cure his life!