Swollen legs with varicose veins: "ambulance"

Many people know that varicose veins are a chronic disease,treatment of edema of the legs with varicose veins by a woman with folk remediesin which the walls of the veins stretch, they lose their tone. Veins are visible on the surface of the legs, they look twisted, uneven, spoil the appearance. But this is not just an aesthetic problem. With varicose veins, a person suffers from swelling, pain, cramps, a constant feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Why is fluid retained in the tissues? The cause of edema with varicose veins lies in the increased pressure in the vessels, where the blood stagnates. To reduce this pressure, water flows into the tissues surrounding the vessel, the leg increases in size. And now in the evening, after a day of work, it is difficult for you to wear your favorite shoes. And after a while, the swelling becomes your constant companion, it does not subside even in the morning.

What to do if the legs swell with varicose veins?

The first and most obvious answer to this question is to go on an appointment with a phlebologist. These specialists deal with the treatment of venous diseases. After a complete diagnosis (which necessarily includes ultrasound), the phlebologist draws up a comprehensive therapeutic program, and it is she who will be the most effective treatment for leg edema with varicose veins.

But the treatment takes time and we want to alleviate the condition, as they say, "now". To relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, look good in an event, get rid of discomfort. . . Therefore, we will give several tips on how to remove swelling of the legs with varicose veins:

  • use ointments and creams that improve vascular permeability and have a decongestant effect. For example, it can be ointments based on heparin or natural venotonics: horse chestnut, Ginkgo Biloba, grape leaves. These ointments work particularly well in the initial stages of varicose veins; they can also be used as a prophylaxis for edema.
  • increase the physical activity allowed for varicose veins. For example, you can walk part of the way from work to home (walking is a good load, which works the calf muscles). Or go to the pool - swimming is very useful for varicose veins. The body in the water is in a comfortable horizontal position, and the load on the legs is combined with the massage effect of the water.
  • do some exercises to relieve leg swelling. For example, while sitting or standing, you can alternately put your feet on the toes, then on the heel. Ben relieves heaviness in the legs and "awakens" the muscles by walking on the toes. You can make rotational movements with your feet or, with bare feet, grab various small objects from the floor: pencils or ping-pong balls. And if you are at home, do exercises with your legs upside down: birch, bicycle or scissors.
  • contrast showers, contrast baths or massages with ice cubes strengthen the blood vessel walls well.

How to treat swelling of the legs with varicose veins with folk remedies

Remember: no folk remedy, no matter how much it promises, can cure varicose veins. However, some recipes will help you feel better.

First of all, this is the use of plants that have a diuretic effect. For example, you can make an infusion of young birch leaves. Or take the whole parsley (along with the root), grind it in a meat grinder and pour boiling water over it. The filtered brew can be drunk.

Offers traditional medicine recipes and foot baths. For example, they can be prepared with sea salt and peppermint. Lemongrass, chamomile and nettle tone the vessels of the legs, on the basis of which you can also take baths.

And a little about compression

As we have already said, the main cause of edema in varicose veins is the stagnation of blood in the veins, which leads to an increase in pressure in them. The best recommendation for anyone diagnosed with varicose veins is to wear compression stockings that are tailored to their size according to their doctor's recommendations. The special weaving of the threads of the stockings and tights provides the right pressure to help the blood flow up the veins and avoid swelling.

Regular implementation of these recommendations will greatly improve your edema condition. Varicose veins will recede if you undergo a comprehensive treatment and daily exercise, wearing compression stockings and the right regimen will help maintain the health and beauty of your legs for many years.