Sensations during varicose veins: symptoms and signs. Recommendations phlebologist

the signs of varicose veins

Varicose veins – as much, we hear about this disease and the little that we know. What is this disease? Of that, and why it happens? How it manifests and what to do for the early diagnosis and treatment? A reluctance to believe that the disease can touch us, we note first of his signs, and varicose veins is not an exception. And then, months, and probably years, we have made a call to a doctor is already running on the stage of the disease.

So, what is spider veins? It shows signs? And the reasons for the man's symptoms? More details in our article.

Varicose veins – it is a pathological disease of the veins, which leads to their deformation. According to the statistics, the symptoms of varicose veins occur more than 60% of the male population, and nearly 90% of the female population. The most unpleasant is that varicose vein disease can be diagnosed in the first year students and in people of respectable age. This means that the risk of the disease of varicose veins is exposed in the very large category of people. It is therefore extremely important to have information about the disease, the time to prevent its development.

Varicose veins: symptoms

Many begin to wonder, what are the sensations when the varicose veins you have to have? Is it difficult to something to confuse the symptoms of the disease or, on the contrary, it is difficult not to recognize it? We will understand.

The pain syndrome

The first sign of varicose veins is the pain.

When the varicose veins on the nature of the pain can be confused with neurological disorders. But there is an easy way to check it out. Need to lie down, feet to raise to over 40 degrees, and if the pain sensation at the end of 10 minutes will leave, it is because of this varicose veins. Generally, the syndrome of the pain is localized in the area of the ankle, the shank and under the knee.

What are the pain in the varicose veins bother the feet? The pain when the vascular disease can be described as instant, pain and throb. Occur of severe pain in the varicose veins may, during walking and at rest. Therefore, the pains are still and this feature manifests itself in a certain posture. The attacks of pain during the varicose veins have the time dependence, they usually happen in the afternoon and in the evening. But the legs can ache and the night is not uncommon when varicose veins become night muscle cramps.

Pain appear as the consequence of the development of the vascular pathology. Disrupted the flow of blood in the lower limbs, due to blood pressure. Because of these violations of the cells of the muscles and nerves are aware of the oxygen deprivation. You are experiencing a stagnation in the veins, which cause the accumulation of the end products of metabolism. And all of this is already annoying vessels in the offices of the nerve endings.

Unfortunately, born out of the pain in the legs is not the only event on the varicose veins, there are other unpleasant symptoms.

A feeling of heaviness and swelling in the varicose veins

The symptoms of varicose veins on the legs

The disturbances of the deep veins in the varicose veins leads to chronic stagnation and the development of the syndrome of "heavy legs", and muscle weakness. They are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • the feeling of tightness and bloating calf muscles after a physical effort;
  • the loss of sensitivity in the lower limbs;
  • a burning sensation and tingling on the road to venous bed;
  • swollen phenomenon.

Occurs heaviness in the legs when the veins varicose veins usually at the end of the day, in the great majority of cases in the morning. Certainly, there is a situation where a person experiences these feelings of the clock. In this case, you must immediately the diagnosis, probably at the bottom of the lack of treatment of the varicose disease of the veins developed any complication.

Unfortunately, the fatigue in the legs at the varicose veins, frequent companion of women during pregnancy. Varicose disease of veins cunning and spared person. Therefore, if the woman is planning a pregnancy, it's doubly attention to the processing times of all the holdings of the disease. Certainly, varicose veins may develop in the period of pregnancy, it is especially important for any woman the time of her life, the body undergoes global changes and stress.

Thus, the pregnant women, it is recommended to take preventive measures to combat varicose veins in advance.

The oedema of the lower limbs – another signal that gives us our body, for the detection and the taking of measures to eliminate the cause that caused it. The swelling represents an accumulation of excess of interstitial fluid in the tissues of the body. Most often exposed to swelling of the ankle, because it represents the largest load. But it happens that the swelling cover the whole of finitude, is due to an occlusion of the vena cava. Appearance of a swelling by the swelling. Due to the rarity of its manifestations it is in 99.9% of the time unnoticed of the man. Edema may occur for a variety of reasons. But, if it is the swelling caused by the development of pathology of the vein, and then the location its going to, probably, asymmetrical, that is to say, manifest on one of the legs. Resulting from the swelling can be considered as extremely painful and dense on the invoice. The more often the skin above the swelling acquires a cyanotic hue.

May be numbness in the extremities when the varicose veins. The temporary loss of sensitivity is due to the slowness of the blood circulation and the breach in the tissues of the microcirculation of the blood. Of the skin begin to run chills", feel the cold is not the most pleasant of feelings.

The opinion of an expert

The discomfort in the form of numbness of the lower leg when varicose veins are often representatives of sedentary or still working. Because of the specificity of the process the man a large amount of time spent in sitting or standing position, that causes the venous congestion, and as a result of the numbness of the limbs.

Of the unpleasant sensations, which are the signs of this disease, such as varicose veins, still include a burning sensation in the veins of the legs, itching and tingling. The manifestation of this symptom as the tingling sensation may bring a short-term or long-term. Depending on the degree of severity of the distinguish between low and high, gradually and incrementally expanded significantly tingling. One way or another, it is important to signal on a background of deterioration of state of health.

A burning sensation and itching of the skin often accompany varicose veins, such as all of the other signs.

They occur due to the fact that disturbed the supply of blood to the skin above hit a vase. First product such a cosmetic lack the dryness and flaking, and then manifest's militarist itching. Because of the obstruction of the veins and formation of blood clots suffer from small blood vessels – capillaries. It is then that there appears a burning sensation. The formation of such a clinical picture is dangerous because that cause the dreaded scratch, due to the violation of the food chain they can for a very long time to heal, and perhaps even the formation of ulcers.

All of these signs of varicose veins are called paresthesia. These non-specific disorders of the sensitivity of the skin will always develop secondarily, as the manifestation of certain diseases. To accompany this set of symptoms can changes and trophic. The onset of paresthesias shows the terminal phase of the disease.

The opinion of an expert

The risk of varicose veins lies in the fact that in the early stages of the disease is rarely accompanied unpleasant sensations, such as the syndrome of the pain and swelling. Because of this, many patients turn to considering, when the disease progresses, and the worst is treatable.