Contra-indications of varicose veins

Exercise for varicose veins

Completely abandon physical exercises phlebologists do not recommend. In fact, often, the disease of the vein occurs this is because of the inactivity, in which the blood stagnates in the legs. The sport at the varicose veins is quite possible, but you need to choose the best of the year.

The course, which should give preference to:

  • Swimming. The movement of the water contributes to the flow of the venous blood of the affected vessels, strengthen muscles, and venous wall. The load on the feet during this minimal. Of the water massage the skin, making it softer and more elastic.
  • Nordic walking, or walking on the treadmill. If regularly 1-2 kilometres, the likelihood of development of varicose veins is minimal. Walking reduces the pressure in the veins, the muscles and the blood circulates better.
  • Course on elliptic simulator ski. Make costs very cautiously, avoiding the overload. Too strong, the pace of the classroom can hinder the venous reflux of the members.
  • Yoga. The preference is to give the asanas stretch, reversible, poses with the legs in the air. It is important to avoid exercises that cause compression of the blood vessels.

Are also ideal and of course fitness, but you must choose a minor program with the lack of charging power when the varicose veins you can not lift weights more than 3 kg of fitness can even be useful, if the exercises will be chosen by a physician and should be performed in the gym under the supervision of the coach.

The sports activities that are counter-indicated when the varicose veins: weightlifting, long track, marathon, aerobics, combat, irish and african dances, where a lot of jumping, the jump rope.

the development factors varikoznoe of the disease

The dietary restrictions during the varicose veins

If diagnosed varicose veins, having overweight, it is extremely desirable, because it increases the load on the feet. Fat deposits to even slow down the flow of blood in the veins. To avoid the appearance of excess weight or achieve the reduction necessary food restrictions. The restrictions will also help you to strengthen the blood vessels, get rid of edema and prevent the progression of the disease.

Food and beverage that is not recommended to use varicose veins:

  • Sodas. There are no useful substances, but there is an excess of carbon dioxide, which is harmful for the veins. It is therefore preferable to replace the soda with green tea or herbal tea.
  • Alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages. Such beverages are expanding the vessels when varicose veins very dangerous.
  • Cooking, cakes, and pastries with creams oil. These foods contains a great number of bad fats and sugar, which causes obesity.
  • The fried and fatty foods causes an increase of cholesterol in the blood, the appearance of plaques and occlusion of the vein.

Strengthen the walls of blood vessels help nuts, fruit and berries, lean meats-and, conversely, fatty fish, beans, buckwheat, and oats, squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Strong vessels will not react to differences in pressure of blood, as is the case of the thin vascular walls. The healing process of the vessel will help to bioflavonoids, which nourishes the algae.

the functioning of the intestine

When the varicose veins it is very important to maintain the normal functioning of the intestine, because of the violation of the outflow of venous increased risk of constipation. In particular, if a varicose vein pelvic.

Contra-indications of varicose veins

For the prevention and treatment of constipation the patient has varicose veins, you need to eat more fiber, drink plenty of fluids, follow a balanced and a mode of intake of food. The power supply must be split up, five to six times a day in small portions. The breakfast you have to do in the measure nutritious, rich in carbohydrates and proteins. The last meal should be to organize, not later than four hours before bedtime. Drink during the meal is not worth the water dilutes the gastric juices. If the delays of the chair already need all the forces to combat them, not allowing the development of hemorrhoids, and the onset of hemorrhoids.

Steam bath and a sauna for varicose veins

People suffering from varicose veins, visit the bath or sauna is strictly prohibited. At high temperature, the vessels dilate, the blood volume increases several times, and, therefore, increases the load on each vein. Sick of vienna are hard and inelastic of the wall and are not capable of withstanding such an onslaught.

The consequences after the visit to the baths, which can be people with varicose veins: cramping, muscle pain, blood stasis, imbalance, fluidity, thrombophlebitis, that can turn into a thrombosis; the appearance of the ulcers trophic, heaviness in the legs. On the body can appear even more varicose veins.

The limitation affects and tanning, and a long stay in the sun. In general, you should avoid everything related to the heating of the feet.

The restrictions in the choice of shoes when the varicose veins of the lower limbs

If the disease in the early stages, then wear high heels, you can only for very special occasions, limited to a height of more than four centimetres. But if the pathology is launched, none of the high-heeled shoes and cannot be out of the question.


If your feet hurt constantly, that the wearing of a shoe, vetnamok, the slap is also contraindicated, since they do not count in the ankles and submit it to the foot chronic charges. As a result, the feet are in constant tension, which is very dangerous when the varicose veins.

Ballet flats, espadrilles and shoes are not the best option, and that wearing these shoes can lead to Flatfoot. Better to invest in orthopedic shoes, insoles, or buy special orthopedic shoes. Today, manufacturers offer different kinds of products from shoes to winter boots.

On long trips and flights at the varicose veins

Varicose veins is to avoid long journeys by car or bus and planes. Indeed, in this case, you must be within a few hours of being in a sitting position. As a result, the swelling of the legs, the blood stagnates and the condition worsens. Hydrodynamic loads during flights can cause blood clots.

If all the same to avoid a trip or a flight has not been able to, then it is necessary to respect a few simple rules to remedy the situation:

  • drink more fluids;
  • periodically perform the movement of the feet to avoid the stagnation of blood;
  • regularly walk through the cabin of the plane or bus, if possible;
  • regular stop and walk a few minutes walk, whether it is the car;
  • mandatory (!) wear a compression garment before the trip.

That dangerous varicose veins

That dangerous varicose veins

If someone suffers from varicose veins, this is reflected on all of the organs and systems of the body. The pressure in the veins can equal the pressure in the capillaries, which may slow down the blood flow to organs, and hypoxia.

If the blood continuously stagnates in the veins, in the tissues, accumulate the toxic products of the exchange, form of ulcers. What complications can varicose veins:

  • Ulcers trophic. On the legs appear ulceration due to lack of oxygen caused by a failure of the circulation of the blood to the tissues.
  • Thrombophlebitis and thrombosis. These complications occur in 20% of cases of varicose veins. If not, practice on the treatment of the pathology, the probability of formation of clots in of the light increases.
  • Phlebitis of the lower limbs. The vein wall is inflamed, the patient feels chills, weakness, increase of body temperature. If time does not react to a complication of therapy adequate, it can turn into a thrombophlebitis.
  • The veins of the uterus. This disease the most are the pregnant women with varicose veins of the feet. This pathology represents for the child a real threat, so that the blood flow from the mother to the fetus is broken, which can cause a premature delivery or death to be born of man.

On the background of varicose veins of the members, may be manifested by varicose veins of the hemorrhoidal veins. Sometimes, the patients venous insufficiency, making any movement difficult and painful, led to the torpor of members. If the patient may come to form a blood clot, it can become the cause of the infarct. In the risk group about it is dominated by men.

What to do to prevent the development of these complications dangerous? It is mandatory to respect the contra-indications of the varicose veins, consult with your doctor on a regular basis, moderately doing sports and watch your diet. You can't wear a shoe, synthetic and uncomfortable clothing. Be sure to get the quality of compression of the sheets, use venotonic cream and tonic. The consequences of varicose veins is sometimes far worse than the disease itself, so it is better to keep the pathology under strict control.