Operation of varicose veins on the legs

the symptoms

Launched the stage of varicose veins are often to the surgical intervention. When damaged inflammation of the veins is not possible to retrieve conservative methods, comes to the aid of the operation of the varicose veins, with some of the indications and contra-indications to driving. In mind the possibilities of severe complications, doctors often prefer a surgical procedure. How is the removal of varicose veins on the legs, when is it appropriate to resort to the operation, what types of intervention of the existing one, " explains the article.

What types of activities existing

Today the vascular surgery offers several solutions to the issue with varicose veins. Doctors can provide not only standard operation to remove the veins when the varicose veins, but innovative techniques. The main types of rapid response when the varicose veins of the lower limbs are:

  • Phlebectomy (venektomiya) – the operation of varicose veins, helps clean up the damage to the ship. Performed a surgery using a small incision in the groin area (3-5 mm). In this area is ligation followed by contractions of vienna. After the operation, often meet the minor complications, the seams do not need to give the patient a great discomfort, they are biodegradable. In total, the patient is in the post-operative period in a hospital for 2 days.

Popular among doctors and patients, in case of failure of the minimally-invasive intervention has the phlebectomy. The operation involves the implementation of stings.

visible defects

This type of operation can reduce the recovery time of rehabilitation, reduce the risk of complications, covers the smallest area of the skin during the operation.

  • This type of intervention, such as Stripping, allows the stings to produce the removal of varicose veins on the legs, not pulling the city of vienna completely. Be subject to removal as the party that has suffered an inflammation. Stripping has fewer complications than the standard operation.
  • Laser Photocoagulation is a method that helps eliminate the symptoms of the pathology of the impact of a laser beam. It penetrates to the inside" of the skin at the site of the lesion in a single vessel, is made by gluing inflamed phase that leads to the cessation of its operation. The operation is costly, but with the smallest amount of complications. Most of the laser coagulation is the absence of lesions on the skin.
  • Frequency obliteration. The new method, it can solve the problem of the feet by the implementation of the one-time catheters. The operation has many advantages – allows surgeons on reconstruction of the vein, may be the treatment on both legs at the end, the patient receives a high aesthetic result.
  • Sclerotherapy – involves a smaller intervention on the legs and veins. Produced by the implementation particularly of the substance, to "paste" in the future "destroy" the sick vessels. The operation requires several procedures. Finally, the patient receives the health of the feet and the aesthetic, to solve the problem.

Indications of surgical intervention

Like any surgical procedure, surgery of varicose veins of the lower limbs involves a number of testimonies, they are oriented to the vascular surgeons. The operation on the veins when the varicose veins is necessary in the following situations:

the diagnosis
  • The disease is prolonged, there is a risk of complications;
  • When the veins are enlarged because of the physiological pathologies;
  • If cure the disease, conservative methods and ways of the people is impossible.
  • When the presence of thrombophlebitis acute;
  • If complications trophic lesions of the skin of the feet);
  • When the permanent presence of pain, fatigue and swelling of the legs;
  • Size of lesion is more than 50%;
  • The disruption of the normal blood flow.

The treatment of varicose veins do not always assume that the removal of the veins of the legs. Today, there are numerous techniques, involving the absence of the skin incision. To reduce the risk for dress is surgical scalpello putting an intervention is worth the time to ask for help to specialists and to conduct an appropriate treatment of the lower limbs.

Phlebectomy is popular

In the early stages of the disease spend a phlebectomy. The preparation for this type of operation is the most elementary. The patient takes a shower and shaves completely the leg and the groin. It is very important that before the surgery the skin of the leg was in good health and the skin are not violated. Before the surgery, the patient cleans the intestines and are conducting research on allergic reactions to drugs. The operation begins by cutting the length of five centimeters in the groin and the length at two inches of the ankle. The other cuts are made in the big venous knots. Incisions shallow and quite narrow. Through an incision in the groin into the vein introduced venous puller (thin waffle with a round tip on the end). Using this tool, the ben the ado removes the vein affected. Then the cuts are superimposed seams, and the operation is considered complete. Of course, the leg close sterile bandage and high, imposing an elastic bandage. In 1-2 days the patient can already move independently.

the laser in the work
  • After phlebectomy, the patient wears stockings (or bandages) in a period of 2 months, and takes venotonics principles for the recovery of the vein.
  • In some cases, appoint a phlebectomy, in this case, on the foot, make small incisions (under local anesthesia), which removes the damaged parts of vienna, vienna even completely.

Sclerotherapy — painless removal of varicose veins

Today, popular purchased the echo-guided sclerotherapy— treatment of varicose veins by injections. In the vein introduced the substance sclerosant, which destroys the inner layer of the vessels, after what the middle layers fuse and form the fall of vienna. This method is the most gentle, but more resistant to the effect is expected to undertake several procedures and it will take about six months for rehabilitation. This type of rapid response, as well as foam sclerotherapy can be used only in case of damage of veins of small diameter and with a large number of "spider". In the vein is introduced blowing sclerosant, the effectiveness of which increases as a result of the strong increase of the surface interaction with the inner face of the container. And in addition, because of its particular consistency of the foam for a long time delayed in the container, increasing the time of the impact of the drug on the box of vases. Therefore, when sparkling sclerotherapy number of sessions decreases significantly.

The laser phlebology

The more modern method of removal of the veins with a laser, it is intravascular laser photocoagulation. The surface of the vienna of the inside is processed by the laser through barely noticeable to a flat tire. The high temperature of laser blood instantanment begins to boil and steep the wall of the problem of ship over its entire length. Very rarely damage during an operation of the neighbor of a container or of a nerve. But this complication is ruled out by a qualified technician.

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Sclerotherapy is an introduction to the vessel lumen of the needle, which provides a drug capable of paste the venous wall. This manipulation is performed with the application of a local anesthetic. After the procedure, the vessels sklerosiruta, and during the blood stops. Immediately after the operation, the shows the port of tightening the bandages that help to maintain the result. Phlebectomy, is an operation to remove pathologically changed vessels. To this end, use of a variety of ways:

  • Pulling through a small puncture with the application of the hook.
  • Deletion of a fragment of the affected area with very small incisions.
  • Combined. Involves a combination of these methods and laser.

The hardening

The hardening you can fill the vase of processing a substance that prevents the blood and can reduce the diameter of the region's problems. In this case, use 2 of the drug — sclerosant and the foam. The first drug sticks to the wall of the vein, and the second fills the extent of the area, leading to its obstruction. The two types of medication administered through a small needle. The exact location of the problem can be detected using duplex scanning. The hardening you can fill the vase of processing a substance that prevents the blood and can reduce the diameter of the region's problems.


Stripping is carried out using the small probe, which is inserted through a small incision and glue pathological of the plot of a container, then pulled to the surface and is removed. Another variety of the operation — cryotrapping. During an intervention in a vein injected with liquid nitrogen, which leads to the affected area to breakdown and makes it non-functional. The process takes 40 minutes. It is done under general anesthesia and with the use of local anesthesia.

the outline of the operation


The preparation for the operation involves the compliance of binding rules, which involve:

  • The delivery of the analysis of blood to determine the general state of the organism. The procedure spend fasting a few days before the procedure.
  • A chest x-ray. Necessary to exclude tb disease.
  • The search for blood of the HIV infection, which can lead to irreversible complications after manipulation.
  • The refusal to consume food 6 hours prior to surgery. This rule is to comply with only if the operation will be performed under general anesthesia.
  • The enema. Also applies, in case of impossibility of removal of the vein using a local anesthetic.

It must necessarily be before the operation to inform your doctor on the presence of an allergic reaction to a drug of the substance.

How to do the surgery

Depending on the nature of the intervention applies his technique of the operation. During the sclerotherapy consists of the following steps:

  • The patient takes necessary for the installation according to the place of location of the farms of the tank.
  • The doctor produces a local anesthesia with the help of the introduction of the injection of Novocaïne.
  • With the help of a long needle makes a puncture. The syringe is introduced to the desired depth. Then comes the injection of drugs. Immediately after the venous wall are beginning to join. And just where is the area pathological.
  • Specialist imposes tight a bandage and send the patient home.
the quick response

During the sclerotherapy with the help of a long needle is made to puncture, and the drug is injected, adhesive to the walls of the vessels. Phlebectomy involves more invasive surgery. If the volume of pathologically changed the fabric great, apply the technique, meaning 2-3 of the incision. If you have a small piece use a small crochet hook. The operation can be conducted under general and local anesthesia. In the first place the antiseptic treatment of members. After this, the affected area vienna retrieve and delete, if necessary, overlapping the seams. Laser Photocoagulation is also carried out under general or local anesthesia. After a analgesia member deal with antiseptic and a small slow puncture promote thin scriptures, which shoots the laser. Up to the issue of the home, skylight bottom wall of the tank under the effect of heat. Accordingly, the container is closed by a, and decreases in diameter. The hardening is similar to the procedure of sclerotherapy. But in the first case, the use of various substances as a function of the nature of the problem. Connect vienna the drug is introduced also with the aid of the needle and with the application of the local anesthetic. The control of the handling doctor performs under the supervision of the process on the screen of the monitor. The operation takes no more than 30-40 minutes. Pickling involves a small incision or a puncture. It all depends on the magnitude of the defeat. Pickling involves a small incision or a puncture. It all depends on the magnitude of the defeat. The probe to be promoted to the pathological zone, welds, iup physician tightens the tool and withdraw from the affected area of the vessel to the surface of the skin. Modified the plot is deleted. If necessary, overlap the seams. The removal of varicose veins is performed only by a ben the teen experienced, under the control of the process ultrasonic device.

The postoperative period

The rehabilitation continued for 6 months. At this time, forbidden to lift things weighing more than 8 kg in the first month, you need to wear compression for the regulation of the functioning of the venous system and to prevent complications. As the healing view physiotherapy, swimming, walking and others, you Need to follow the mass of the body. Of the Possible post-operative complications: relapse, haematoma, thrombo-embolism, rubtsovie changes of the skin with small knots. The most common are considered to be the consequence of the pain, which may be present for 1-2 months.


Out the weight after the surgery for varicose veins on the legs

Immediately after surgery feel the change is impossible. The fact that gravity can be due to edema staff of the branch. This kind of symptom disappears in 2 weeks. A month later, the gravity disappears with painful sensations.

If you think that all the how much does a varicose vein surgery for You "is unbearable," the amount, yes, more appropriate treatment after the operation "which costs a lot of money", it may be better and abandon the transactions at all. That same, everyone has the right to his choice. You can get some improvement of the condition of the veins, even very important, and without surgery. And this really is made such a person can effectively cope with varicose veins without operation, but for this, we must, as we say, "go in the other". And it is to die of hunger, forget the alcohol and smoking, performing regular treatment and do not neglect the means of treatment of varicose veins. Remember that the health of the feet is a foundation without cracks and destruction, which gives the possibility to create, to move, to love, to live simply and be free.